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March 12, 2007

no professional courtesy? shark bites lawyer

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sharkGF After touting the upcoming book Why Lawyers Should Surf (which is co-authored by The Barrister Blog‘s Tim Kevan), I thought I better warn my readers of the fate of unlucky, (ocean) surfing Florida prosecutor Adam McMichael. According to an article in today’s Sun-Sentinel, “Prosecutor bitten by shark while surfing” (March 12, 2007):

“HUTCHINSON ISLAND – A Palm Beach County prosecutor cried for help and struggled in the water Sunday after getting attacked by a shark while surfing on Tiger Shores Beach.

Adam McMichael, of Boynton Beach, suffered deep cuts on his right forearm by an unknown species of shark and was taken to Martin Memorial Medical Center in Stuart, witnesses said. . . . “

SharkR update (March 13, 2007): Good news from Sun-Sentinel.com, “Beach County prosecutor grateful for rescuers at beach” (March 12, 2007): “Doctors told him he would likely lose some of the nerves on the top of his right hand, but he should recover the full range of motion. ‘I’m very fortunate, and I owe it to all the guys who helped me,’ [Adam McMichael] said in a phone interview from his home in Boynton Beach. . . . As he paddled back toward the beach, which had no lifeguards, McMichael saw a wave of people responding to his calls for help. . . . ‘Everyone at the beach helped me out, McMichael said. ‘It was amazing. I question whether it would be like that anywhere else’.” [See Prof. Alan Childress’ tardy plunge into this topic here at Legal Profession Blog, March 17, 2007.]

NoloSharkTinyF NoloShark *

the view west –
a splash of red
on every wave

. .. by Matt Morden, Morden Haiku

looking at the shark skin
of a cactus…
a cold night

…….by Issa, translated by David G. Lanoue WhyLawyersSurfN

on the beach
the tracks of two
lounge chairs

. . . . . by John Stevenson from Quiet EnoughsharkG

empty sandals NoloSharkTinyF
on the beach
pull of the moon

. . . . . by Carolyn Hall
The Heron’s Nest 3:5 (2001); A New Resonance 2

SharksInTheWater I wonder what Craig Williams‘ guys at the Sharks in the Water weblog have to say about all this. Surely it fits into their environmental-intellectual-property theme.

collection plate
the p/i lawyer
takes a third

……………………… by dagosan

afterword (March 14, 2007): I’ve got to share a blast from my past — John Callahan’s lifeboat surrounded by shark fins swimming briefcases:

CallahanLawyersSharksLlawyers!” (larger)

CallahanTheNight from John Callahan’s The Night They Say Was Made for Love (1993)

sharkGSerious Update:Lawyers death after shark bite ignites legal debate” over cageless shark diving, which is banned in the USA but not in other countries, such as the Bahamas. (ABAJournalNews, March 3, 2008)


* NoloSharkTinyF Image from the cover of Poetic Justice,:The Funniest, Meanest Things Ever Said About Lawyres, edited by Jonathan and Andrew Roth, Nolo Press, 1988).

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  1. […] We want to congratulate “Ed” for his perseverance, as demonstrated by the unveiling today of Blawg Review #100 (March 18, 2007- yes, a very unlawyerly day before his deadline).  Blawg Review 100 focuses on the 90 or so weblogs that have hosted its law-weblog carnival, picking a recent posting of note from each site.  Because f/k/a hosted Blawg Review #52, Ed was kind enough to point his readers to my recent posting there, “no professional courtesy? shark bites lawyer,” which may interest lawyer-phobic (and shark fearing) self-helpers.   The early posting gives you a chance to peruse it at your leisure on the late-winter Sunday. [Disclaimer: Yes, we do have a soft spot in our hearts for Blawg Review, as it named shlep the Best Law Blog in the Public Interest, in the Blawg Review Awards 2006.] […]

    Comment by shlep: the Self-Help Law ExPress » Blog Archive » law librarians: they’re hot and cool — March 18, 2007 @ 1:03 pm

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