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March 17, 2007

wearin’ o’ the white

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leprechan With over a foot of new snow out my window, it sure doesn’t look like St. Patrick’s Day here in Schenectady, New York. The lead story in our local newspaper has the headline “Wearin’ o’ the white stuff” (Daily Gazette, March 17, 2007; $ubscript.) A few miles down NY Rt. 5, the 57th Annual Albany St. Patrick’s Parade has been postponed until next Saturday (see CapitalNews9), due to this March-maddening snow storm. So, what’s a poor Itali-Sicilio-American boy to do? Reminisce about weblog St. Paddy’s Days past, of course.

drawing the
designated driver straw —
st. patrick’s day

…………………….. by dagosan

In the post feelin’ a little irish (March 17, 2005), we shared a few poems by Pamela Miller Ness, Kobayashi Issa (famous Irish poet), and dagosan. For example:

St. Patrick’s Day
a traffic cop directs

spring green
on the scaffold a workman
swinging his feet

…………………………. by Pamela Miller Ness StPatDay
“St. Patrick’s Day” – The Can Collector’s Red Socks (2003)
“spring green” – A New Resonance 2 & frogpond XXII: 3

Saints Patrick
and Christopher —
sharing a drink and a ride

St. Paddy’s parade —
at the curb
green and yellow snow

…………………. by dagosan – dagosan’s haiku diary

shamrocksSN Then, there was March 16, 2006, when we indulged Ed Markowski’s desire to inject a little more reality into the st. paddy’s day festivities…” E.g,:

the 8th day
of a week long bender…
st. patrick’s day

st. patrick’s day
our pot filled
with watery broth

st. patrick’s day
the foreman hands out
pink slips

shamPipeN ed markowski

And, who can forget our post from March 16, 2006, featuring the adorable Irish Setter Puppy from Metroland (“The [NY] Capital Region’s Alternative Weekly Newspaper”):

Irish Setter Stew PuppyStew
– “made from tender young Irish Setter puppies!
– Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day!

– see the Irish Setter Stew ad enlarged here

EBustovich larger Finally, we admit to neglecting our Inadvertent Searchee study of errant search engine queries for almost a year now. But, we couldn’t help but notice that a Google Search for erin go bra meaning> brought a Buscador in Spain to f/k/a this morning. You see, thanks to the continuing fickleness of the logarithms of cyber-search, our September 2005 posting about a law firm webphoto of superstar paralegal Erin Brockovich — too much disclosure (erin go bra!) — is the #1 result for the erin go bra query. Indeed, if you scroll down the post, you can even find a definition, which was included to help any searcher who found himself inadvertently at f/k/a.

one button undone

in the clerk’s blouse I let her

steal my change


training bra

on the clothesline

half moon

……………….. by George Swede leprechan from Almost Unseen (Brooks Books, 2000)

For something new, a George Swede BONUS:

trapped in a tree
the white plastic bag stretches
to where the clouds go

morning after
the wind has blown all the clouds
into my head

………………by George Swede – Roadrunner February 2007 Issue VII:1


  1. […]    Yes, this is totally off topic.  In case you’re also snowed-in this morning, commiserate with me over at f/k/a in wearing’ o’ the white.  It’s weblog recycling and self-help reminiscence of St. Patrick’s Days past. […]

    Comment by shlep: the Self-Help Law ExPress » Blog Archive » shlepping to a virtual St. Paddy’s parade — March 17, 2007 @ 10:59 am

  2. As always, thanks for the plug. I hope your Paddy’s Day and Equinox were both good, despite inclimate weather.

    Comment by Jason — March 23, 2007 @ 8:46 am

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