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July 8, 2007

justifiable pride?

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Good Pride/Bad Pride: The L.. A. Times had an interesting article last Sunday, which has been reprinted in many other newspapers: “Positive pride or arrogance? It’s as plain as your face,” Los Angeles Times & Houston Chronicle, by Janet Cromley, July 1, 2007. Here’s the central finding:

“Pride appears to be a universal, human emotion, and it comes in two flavors: positive and arrogant. In a summary of current scientific thinking on the nature of pride and a review of four of their own papers on the topic, Jessica Tracy, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia, and Richard Robins, a psychology professor at the University of California at Davis, suggest that pride is a cross-cultural phenomenon – that even remote-living tribal cultures know it when they see it – and that humans recognize two types of pride: justifiable pride and arrogant, or conceited, pride.”

The article also explains that “people who feel justifiable pride are likely be more extroverted and conscientious, whereas those who feel conceited pride tend to be narcissistic and attribute their success to their innate abilities rather than their personal efforts.” Meanwhile, the New York Times has an important editorial today which attempts to correct our nation’s worse example of arrogant pride and hubris: The Iraq War. See “The Road Home” (July 8, 2007), which concludes:

“President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney have used demagoguery and fear to quell Americans’ demands for an end to this war. They say withdrawing will create bloodshed and chaos and encourage terrorists. Actually, all of that has already happened — the result of this unnecessary invasion and the incompetent management of this war.

“This country faces a choice. We can go on allowing Mr. Bush to drag out this war without end or purpose. Or we can insist that American troops are withdrawn as quickly and safely as we can manage — with as much effort as possible to stop the chaos from spreading.”

Not Proud: This morning, I checked out the Albany Times Union‘s Local Politics weblog for the first time, and was disappointed to see that its archives contain no discussion of sex offender residency restrictions [SORR] — a topic that is certainly on the calculating minds of our local pols in Schenectady County, and throughout the New York Capital Region. (see our post on Schenectady’s PanderPols). The only mention of sex offenders at the 5-month old TU weblog comes in a sentence reporting that Democrat Ed Kosiur, “a Schenectady County legislator who has championed legislation to restrict the movement of convicted sex offenders,” is running in a special election this month to fill the 105th Assembly District seat of Paul Tonko (who left to become president of the NYS Energy Research and Development Authority). Trust me, the special election had a lot to do with the County Legislature rushing through their reckless SORR law in June, with Kosiur as the chief sponsor and poseur. (By the way: Kosiur’s tv ad just ran during 60 Minutes. He proclaims that he has sponsored “the toughest sex offender law in New York State.” And he is so proud.)

ooh No Rush (apparently): Despite their rush to get an overreaching SORR on the books a month ago (with no grandfather clause for offenders already living with 2000 feet of schools, parks and day care facilities), the arrogant and inept County Legislature still has not put together or published a map of the forbidden residency zones. On the other hand, they continue to insist that all sex offenders move out of said zone by October 1st, even if it means selling homes, breaking leases, and many other inconveniences.

Our Pride: The f/k/a Gang can’t claim any credit, but we sure are proud that four of the ten poets featured in the Shiki Haikusphere 10th Anniversary Anthology (edited by The Shiki Team, April 2007; cover image) are members of our Honored Guest family — Roberta Beary, Yu Chang, Paul Miller and Michael Dylan Welch. Here are a few of the Ten by Ten haiku by each of the featured haijin:

…………………………………………………… by Roberta Beary from Shiki Haikusphere 10th Anniversary Anthology:

after the funeral
the seeds she ordered
in today’s mail

talking divorce
he pours his coffee
then mine

hotel check-in
the pool boy
filters the moonlight

noisy with love
out of tune

……………………………………………….. by Yu Chang from Shiki Haikusphere 10th Anniversary Anthology:

Valentine’s Day —
pulling a thorn
from my palm

video chat —
touching the gap
in her baby teeth

empty beach
a love poem
where she was

Stephanie Allen West of Brains on Purpose and Idealawg reminds us that today, July 8, is Savor the Comic, Unplug the Drama (SCUD) Day. Stephanie‘s advice is to stop being Drama Queens (and Kings, I guess), and to face life with humor and laughter. Although I am not a big fan of forced frivolity in the workplace (spare me the clown noses and whoopee cushions), I definitely prefer to work (and live) around people who have a sense of humor and avoid taking themselves too seriously.

 ………………………….  by Paul Miller from Shiki Haikusphere 10th Anniversary Anthology (2007):

airing new sheets
my father-in-law finds fault
with the new house

brown pine needles
today walking
at my own pace

winter crescent
the reservoir’s bottom
of tree stumps

no player
for this old cassette tape
winter stars

Your humble editor is proud to be a contributor to The Graying of Lawyers edition of The Complete Lawyer (Vol. 3 #4. July-August 2007) , which will be online on Monday, July 9, 2007), with an impressive array of articles looking at our aging legal profession from many perspectives. In “No Senior Discount at the Ethics Bar“, I harp on one of my favorite subjects (the ethical responsibility to protect clients from the age-related mental and physical maladies of lawyers). TCL Editor and Publisher, Don Hutcheson deserves applause for putting the focus on this important and multi-faceted topic.

……………………………………… by Michael Dylan Welch, from Shiki Haikusphere 10th Anniversary Anthology (2007)

the waiter interrupts
our argument on abortion —
a choice of teas

moving day —
the emptiness
of the child’s room

nude beach —
the crowd around
the dead whale

morning stillness …
first snow
on the tree-bound kite

p.s. Does technology have you tied up in knots and acting out? Don’t be too proud to ask for help. Technology Advisors are now so plentiful, they have their own association and career path. See “Technology’s Untanglers: They Make It Really Work,” New York TImes, July 8, 2007.

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