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October 21, 2007

not that Cynthia Miner — this one

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Last night, my dear friend Cynthia Miner (a/k/a Cyndi) revealed — while serving a perfect combination of meatloaf and whipped potatoes — that she has never Googled herself and was sure there would be no trace of her on the internet. I immediately decided that one of my very favorite human beings, and the lovely inspiration for several dagosan haiku (like the one immediately below), deserves to make her mark in the realm of cyberspace and search engine queries. Thus, this posting was born.

rusty blades —
she skates backwards
so we can chat

……………. by david giacalone – Frogpond (XXX:3, Fall 2007)

When I Googled “Cynthia Miner” this morning, I found a few pretenders to her crown. So, I want to make clear which Cynthia Miner I’m talking about.  It’s Cynthia L. Miner, nee Koser.  [The “L” stands for Louise, but she rarely offers that information.] Although she loves her 99 acres of woods, ponds, pasture and swamp, she’s not the Forest Service biologist and communications director in Portland, Oregon.  While, she adores her little island casa in the Caribbean, she’s also not the Cynthia Miner on St. Croix. And, although she’d probably be a wonderful massage therapist, the f/k/a Gang is not talking about the one in Olympia, WA. Furthermore, “Our Cyndi Miner” is

She is, however, the proud (and occasionally exhausted) mother of Anny Miner (plus Dawn and Mark), and they starred together in this photo from 1991:

gets all the treats –
first Halloween



. (haiga, originally posted at MagnaPoets Japanese Form)


To be more specific, this posting salutes Cynthia Miner of Duanesburg, New York, and Cozumel Island, Mexico. She cannot be labeled nor bottled, but is the wife of William Miner (of Miner’s Farm Art & Antiques); mother of Dawn Denise, Mark and Anne Miner; sister of Cecelia McPhie (formerly of Cardiff, CA and now Delanson, NY), mistress of Miner’s Farm, befriender of hungry squirrels and cranky old coots, nemesis of many a dam-building beaver, tireless community volunteer, peerless party-thrower and flower-planter, and much, much more (including lawn bocce queen).

This watercolor portrait of Cynthia L. Miner was painted by the well-known watercolorist John Koser, her father.

Her countless friends and admirers (secret and overt) are urged to leave encomia and other verbal bouquets for Cynthia in our Comment section. Just in case my buddy Bill Miner is the jealous type, I shall say no more.

winter solstice
adolescent wiccans
flunk their spelling test

hazy Harvest moon
the face I met
when our skin was smooth

3 P.M.
mom’s shoveling wakes
the cranky teen

freezing rain
two Baby Boomers
steam-up the Volvo

…………………………………………………….. by dagosan

[big] Like her mom, Anny Miner has also inspired posting and haiku here at f/k/a. See, e.g., “anny is thirteen” (June 4, 2004).

p.s. Although Cynthia Miner may be too busy or too humble to Google herself, don’t forget that there are some fairly good reasons for we mere mortals to do it regularly. See, e.g., “Why you should Google yourself–and often” and “Idea #14: Google yourself” and “Google Yourself: Maximize Your Visibility and Monitor Your Reputation“.


  1. I would agree that Cyndi is a wonderful person. She has been a very vocal local activist who demanded to be heard on issues pertaining to the development of the town of Duanesburg. She is a tireless fundraiser for every cause she feels is worth while. She is apparently a great mom to her children, although the beaver family probably wouldn’t agree. I am proud to call her my friend. Hope you don’t mind, Cyndi??

    Comment by Rene Merrihew — October 22, 2007 @ 3:46 pm

  2. I am also Cynthia (Cyndi) Miner (my maiden name) originally from Lowell Massachusetts, now living in midcoast Maine!

    Comment by Cynthia (Cyndi) Miner Clayton — August 2, 2008 @ 10:33 pm

  3. I just noticed someone named Bill Miner. Bill Miner was my dad’s name!

    Comment by Cynthia (Cyndi) Miner Clayton — August 2, 2008 @ 10:35 pm

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