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November 11, 2007

veterans day: memory, gratitude, responsibility

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pawn pawn horiz Blawg Review has posted its customary remembrance of Veterans Day (“Lest We Forget,” Nov. 11, 2007) — “to thank those who served and honor those who gave so much on our behalf.” (And see, “Americans Gather to Mark Veterans Day,” NPR, Nov. 11, 2007) It is also a time for our leaders to to acknowledge that the decision to send brave young men and women into the horrors of war must be made — if we truly respect the sacrifices of those who have gone before — as truly the last resort.

a handful of pawns
protects the king –
Veterans Day
………………………… dagosan

pawn horiz Twenty-five years ago today the Vietnam Memorial was dedicated in Washington, D.C. “Vietnam Memorial Turns 25 Thousands of Veterans Join in March to Mark the Anniversary Of the Wall’s Dedication and to Honor Those Named on It” (Washington Post, Nov. 11, 2007) Deciding to oppose that war, as a young man in college, was an important milestone in my life. But feeling the tears roll down my cheeks the first time I visited the Vietnam Memorial, was just as important in shaping my understanding of our nation and myself.

Remembrance Day cometB
—my insignificant wince
at the misdirected poppy pin

old folks’ home
the square of light
crosses the room

………………………………….…….. by michael dylan welch
“Remembrance Day” – The Heron’s Nest (Dec. 2005)
“old folks’ home” – Open Window [photo-haiku pairs]

papa still
won’t talk about it

LissaTulipTapsS full-size haiga, MagnaPoets

taps’ last echo –
the vietnam protestor
wipes a tear

…………………….. dagosan

remembrance day silence
no end to the north wind
that bends the pines

……………  by matt morden – Morden Haiku (Nov. 11, 2007)

Update (Nov. 12, 2007): While I was resting up from watching hundreds of participants in yesterday’s 32nd Annual 15K Stockade-athon run through my lovely Schenectady Historic Stockade neighborhood Sunday morning [including former Stockader Frank Connors, who came from Vermont for the race], Eric Turkewitz of the New York Personal Injury Law weblog was assembling a marathon-length version of Blawg Review #134 (Nov. 11, 2007), which he built around the theme of lawyers running the NYC Marathon. If Veterans Day Monday gives you a bit of spare time for blawg consumption, stroll over to Blawg Review #134 and jog your brain.

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