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November 16, 2007

McNally will be the Lunch Pail D.A.

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. . . . In true blue collar “lunch pail” fashion, defying the predictions of political pundits, Rich McNally has won the Rensselaer County [NY] District Attorney’s race — with a margin of 227 votes (out of about 39,000) over Republican Greg Cholakis. See “McNally unofficial winner of DA race” (The Troy Record, Nov. 16, 2007); “McNally wins Rensselaer Co. DA’s race” (CapitalNews9, Nov. 15, 2007). Beyond his own reputation for integrity and hard work, McNally can surely thank voter dismay over the often-backfiring extralegal antics of out-going D.A. Patricia A. DeAngelis (see our prior post) for his becoming the first Democrat to hold the position since 1989.

After hearing McNally’s slogan in ad after ad, we had fun last week asking “what’s a lunch pail lawyer,” and now we’ll see if Rich can demonstrate his lunch pail work ethic in the tough job of district attorney. While avoiding histrionics, McNally says he’ll be an active litigating prosecutor as well as chief administrator in an office that needs major revamping and refocusing on fundamentals (like the rule of law).

lunch at the zoo
even among gorillas
some who sit apart

…………. by Peggy Lyles from To Hear the Rain (Brooks Books, 2002)

“red hots!”
for an instant i’m ten
father’s still alive

dreary morning
a loaf of wonder bread
tops the shopping list

…………………… ed markowski

Troy’s most famous historical figure, Sam Wilson, was known for the (luncheon) meats that fed an army. I’m still hoping that an enterprising supporter or staffer will find an Uncle Sam lunch pail for D.A. McNally — to symbolize his no-baloney, no-hot-dogging focus on fundamentals, preparation and vigilance. Congratulations and best of luck to Rich McNally!

a stuffed briefcase
and an Uncle Sam lunchbox —
the new D.A.

……………………………….. by dagosan

– click to hear the band Lunch Box doing their song “Uncle Sam.”

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