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February 18, 2008

we like Lawyer Lincoln

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topHatAbe We are still avoiding new lawyer-themed punditry here at f/k/a. But, this is Presidents’ Day, and our admiration for that lanky lawyer from Illinois, Abraham Lincoln, makes the Gang want to remind you of prior posting we’ve done about him and his attitudes toward lawyering, litigation, life, etc. So please take a look at:

the great lord
forced off his horse…
cherry blossoms

. . ………. by Kobyashi Issa, translated by David G. Lanoue

If you’re looking for new content here at f/k/a, how about some Sports senryu by a pair of our Honored Guest Poets, from this newest issue of Simply Haiku (Vol. 6 no. 1, Spring 2008):

AM radio dial — baseballG
lights up with the roar
of a ball game

on seventeen he
hits the sand he hits the sand
he hits he hits hits….

………………… by Barry George
“on seventeen” from Modern Haiku 36:3

last second field goal…
for the fifth straight week
my bookie wins

up from Pawtucket
his error in slow-mo
on the centerfield scoreboard

after confession baseballG
father shows us
how to throw a spitter

…………………… by Ed Markowski

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