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March 8, 2008

blue to gray in just a week

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You can often find me at the end of my block of Washington Ave. in Schenectady, gazing at the Mohawk River — with the Isle of the Cayugas and the Village of Scotia across the way. Here are two full-color photos I took around 5 PM on the last two Saturdays. The promising early thaw of March 1st has yielded to days of rain, melted snow, and flood watches. The lucky folk among us will find the beauty in both scenes. [Click to find more photos of ice jams, ice floes and flooding along the Mohawk at Schenectady NY, at my weblog suns along the Mohawk.]

photo: Mohawk River, at Schenectady Stockade, Washington Ave., March 1, 2008, by david giacalone –

march thaw
ice floes
coming and going

…… by dagosan

photo: Mohawk River, at Schenectady Stockade, Washington Ave., March 8, 2008, by david giacalone –

march rain —
a flood-warning sign
where the snowman stood

…… by dagosan

afterthoughts (May 31, 2008): Occasionally, when I take a weekend picture of the Mohawk (and the Isle of the Cayugas) from my backyard or the end of my block that I particularly like, I’m going to add it here, creating my own little riparian-neighborhood photo album. (You can click on each for a larger version.) update: For many more of my Mohawk River and Stockade sunsets, see my photoblog Suns Along the Mohawk.

– taken May 10, 2008 –

– taken March 15, 2008 –

– snapped May 8, 2008 –

– taken May 24, 2008, celebrating Kathy Zizzi’s brithday –

… also from May 24, 2008:

– taken July 4, 2008

— See our post “what is it about sunsets” (September 28, 2008) for a half dozen photos with lovely shades or pink and orange, in the Mohawk River and the skies above Riverside Park.

Admit it, you still haven’t taken our advice and headed over to see the March 2008 edition of The Heron’s Nest (Vol. X, No. 1). Here’s our final installment of haiku by f/k/a Honored Guest Poets from the newest THN. Consider yourself teased and nagged.

holding up a wall
first dandelion leaf

thin moon
a harrier hawk
working the field

…………………… by paul m.

paying the last bill
on the kitchen table
winter solstice

…………… by Yu Chang

rain patter
on the windshield
. . . second lie

……………. by roberta beary

Finally, a bonus by paul m. from Called Home (Red Moon Press 2006)

sprng rain
a detention pond
built by WPA

coffee berries
the conversation turns
to another ill friend

waiting for the heron
to turn my way —
winter rain

… by paul m. from called home (Red Moon Press 2006) CalledHomePaulM

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