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March 17, 2008

not another st. patrick’s day!?

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It may be March 17th, but a wee nap sounds a lot better this morning than a wee nip or a wee new posting to the f/k/a Gang. It’s a good thing we were much more into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit in past years. See:

St. Paddy’s parade –
at the curb
green and yellow snow

…. by dagosan [March 12, 2005]

shamrocksSN Over in Dublin, Lex Ferenda (“daithí mac sithigh’s blog on cyberlaw and more”) is hosting Blawg Review #151, which has lots of timely pointers to the best o’ the blawgers — including a reminder that Anne Reed, our favorite redheaded blawger, has been in Japan talking about juries, and offers insights and reflections at her Deliberations weblog. Meanwhile, although he continues to insist on anonymity (and to mask his nationality), the mysterious Editor of Blawg Review is claiming Irish blood, and has been celebrating the St. Patrick’s Festival for several days (with a very nice YouTube parade clip).

drawing the
designated driver straw –
st. patrick’s day

…….. by dagosan [March 17, 2006]



In case you are planning to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in customary American style, please keep in mind this timely message from the anti-liberal brain of Jenn of the Jungle (via Texas Hold-’em Blogger):


Enough for now from us (except to wish the Luck o’ the Irish to David Paterson, who becomes governor of New York State today, as a blessed consequence of the Spitzer sex scandal; see NYT editorial; and a Schenectady Gazette article; watch the inauguration at 1 PM EDST, by clicking here).

St. Patrick’s Day
a traffic cop directs

…….. by Pamela Miller Ness from “The Can Collector’s Red Socks” (2003), a haiku sequence

st. patrick’s day shamPipeN
the foreman hands out
pink slips

st. patrick’s day
an old pot filled with
losing lotto slips

…………… by ed markowski

p.s. Hungry for more Irish lore from f/k/a? Check out Paul Quirk’s photo of the Classic St. Patrick’s Day Feast. Learn the meaning of “erin go bra!” by scrolling down our post about a famous paralegal. And, don’t forget our Big Dance post from March 16, 2006, featuring the adorable Irish Setter Puppy from Metroland (”The [NY] Capital Region’s Alternative Weekly Newspaper”):

. . . . . . Irish Setter Stew PuppyStew . . . . . .

– “made from tender young Irish Setter puppies!
– Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day!

– see the Irish Setter Stew ad enlarged here

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