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March 17, 2008

sportswise, this is about as mad as i get in march

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GUJackMugG . . . . . Jackadoggi & Giacalone . . . . . . . . .

Yep, that’s Jack the Bulldog, the sports mascot of my college alma mater Georgetown University. And, his human doppelganger is the editor of this weblog, in my one and only “baseball cap,” which just happens to depict Jack alongside the Georgetown Hoyas logo. Donning that cap (and looking only mildly skeptical) is about as much March Madness as I am willing (or likely) to ever show — even if the Hoyas make it to the Elite Eight, the Final Four or the Last Dance/Championship Game. As I confessed this time last year: “Frankly, I’m not much of a sports fan (except for good basketball and baseball haiku).” So, you better go to Wikipedia, if you want an explanation of brackets or berths, seeds or rounds, and any other aspects of the NCAA collegiate basketball championship, which has been dubbed — and which inspires so much — March Madness.

one on one…
she dares me to show her
my vertical leap

…….. by ed markowski bballGuys

march madness
he tells me his fantasy

march madness
he fits me in

sunglassesG . . by roberta beary

As the Washington Post reports today, the “Hoyas Are Ready, and Open for Business: Experienced Georgetown, No. 2 Seed in the Midwest, Will Get Started Against No. 15 UMBC” (March 17, 2008). Should the Hoyas make it to the regional final or beyond, I’ll surely watch the last few minutes of their games, and report about their victories here at f/k/a. However, barring a hot date with a serious college basketball fan (I knew a couple of women lawyers who were big Hoya fans, and a few Tarheel fanatics, when I was an FTC staffer in DC), you won’t catch me on a sofa or bar stool with my eyes glued for hours to a large screen filled with baskeball jerseys. Nor will I be filling out a Brackets Sheet. If you desire more info about Georgetown basketball, I suggest clicking HoyaSaxa.com.

Although we don’t suffer from March Madness here at f/k/a, our bench-warmer dogosan is not immune from related Senryu Silliness:

cheering for
his blind date’s team –
arch cadness

march sadness:
nana wants
her soap operas back

BBallGuysN my nephew lets me
beat him to H-O-R-S-E –
march gladness

again she hides
his brackets sheet —
spouse badness

two hours alone
with his teenage son –
march dadness

branch managers
play bookie –
march madness ends

………………………. dogosan .. GUJackMugG

Want some real march madness senryu? Here’s more from the all-star team of Markowski and Beary:

march madness
his team slam dunks
our date

march madness bballGuys
he enters my bedroom
to check the score

. ……………………….. by Roberta Beary BearyRoberta

calligraphy class
the point guard
pens a nike swoosh

city moon ballHoopF
my basketball flattened
by a shard of glass

game winning shot
the big man
palms my head

long rebound
crossing mid-court
she crosses my mind

……………………….. by ed markowski BBallGuysN

afterthought: don’t miss Ed’s new poems in this comment


  1. david,
    i always enjoy your march madness posts.

    here’s one that fits our weather here in michigan…

    tournament time
    the arc of a basketball
    in falling snow

    here’s one for ms. beary

    hook shot
    the brunette
    behind the backboard

    here’s one for laurice

    hook shot
    the blonde behind the brunette
    behind the backboard

    and here’s one for the women who just don’t get it…

    march madness
    she asks him to install
    the bookshelf brackets

    go hoyas!

    Comment by ed markowski — March 17, 2008 @ 8:57 pm

  2. Edward, Many thanks for such a great additional contribution to this posting! (You already outdid yourself last year.) I hope Laurice is pleased, and lets you put up the bookshelf brackets next month.

    Comment by David Giacalone — March 17, 2008 @ 9:11 pm

  3. david,
    you’re welcome, & thank you for providing the “court.”

    here’s a bonus (free throw) poem…

    mid march
    jump shot after jump shot blocked
    by the wind


    Comment by ed markowski — March 17, 2008 @ 9:42 pm

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