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September 1, 2008

free haiku for a labor-free Labor Day

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The snowy egrets may have over-stayed their welcome in Wilows, California. (see L.A. Times, ”Egrets ruffle feathers,” Aug. 14, 2008). But, we can never have too much of the fine haiku selected for each edition of The Heron’s Nest.

Here are thirteen haiku written by f/k/a Honored Guests that appear in the newest edition of THN, which went online this morning — The Heron’s Nest (Vol. X, No. 3, September 2008)

early dusk
an inch of snow
on a half inch branch

morning clouds
the swan waddles
over a shallow part

…………………………. by paul m

the knife-grinder rings in
summer’s end

… by Roberta Beary

dawn frost
a screech owl finishes
the hunt

all the answers
in the back of the book —
summer solstice

…… by Alice Frampton

an eagle sighting —
the frailty
in my father’s hug

spring sun
her urn gathers
the whole family

… by Carolyn Hall

slow driver —
is he watching
the hawk?

… by Hilary Tann

behind our backs —
the sounds the ocean
covers up

… by Gary Hotham

a female mallard
leads two drakes —
spring morning

… by Barry George

my garden gloves
streaked with dirt —
meeting a monarch

… by Laryalee Fraser

from the lookout
mountain after mountain . . .
ant on the gravel path

… by George Swede

starlit sky
a touch of dampness
on the scarecrow

… by Yu Chang

This is going to be as labor-free as possible a Labor Day for the f/k/a Gang.  If you are looking for interesting blawger commentary today, you should head over to Simple Justice, as Scott Greenfield apparently never takes a day off.  For example, he talks about what “Labor Day 2008” means to him (and the “fudgy-wudgy man”).  Plus, in “Wearing the American Hat,” Scott looks at the reaction of McCain and Obama to Hurricane Gustave, and hopes that “this election offers two candidates at the top of their tickets who (despite the expected pandering, position shifting, vagaries and manipulation of reality to gain transitory advantage), will ultimately prove themselves to be sincere in their concern for the country.  What a wonderful change of pace.”  Worried he might be sounding a bit too “polyannaish,” Scott adds: “If America could only chose a president for the good reasons, we could have avoided so many of the problems that have plagued this country in recent years.”

Labor Day
the parade starts and ends
at the mall

.. by dagosan [Sept. 2, 2004]

.  . . .  As Ted and Walter at Overlawyered.com might have opined, had they observed Love Litigating Lawyers Day yesterday (Aug. 31st; see our post on Thursday), there’s one very good thing about LLL Day falling on the Sunday of a holiday weekend: Those dang lawyers couldn’t file any pesky lawsuits for three days in a row.

Labor Day
sweat on a glass
of lemonade

… by tom painting – Frogpond, Vol. 31:2 (Spring/Summer 2008)

p.s. Last year, weblogger George Lenard of George’s Employment Blawg never got the memo about taking Labor Day off. Instead, he produced the mammoth Blawg Review #124 – Labor Day Special Historical Edition, which includes a history of the American labor movement.  It seems that Blawg Review editor “Ed Post” associates Labor Day with excessive drinking and driving, as he assigned Blawg Review #175 to Jamie Spencer at the Austin DWI Lawyer weblog. Before I forget, the f/k/a Gang wants to salute D. Todd Smith, of the Texas Appellate Law Blog, for making last week’s Blawg Review #174 totally themeless.  As any good appellate counsel knows, the best presentations avoid unnecessary and distracting argument and explanation.

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