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November 8, 2008

have you seen the busy Prof. Chang?

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circuits lab
his mistake
in the air

…  by Yu Chang from Upstate Dim Sum (2003/I)

My gumbah Yu Chang has had very little time for kayaking this autumn (and now the season’s over) . . .

. . .  nor any time for bocce (he’s been known to play in the snow)

grandpa Yu’s
new bocce balls –
three generations choose sides

… by dagosan

. . . or his much-loved photography

moss covered rocks
a surprise photo
of the sky

… by Yu ChangUpstate Dim Sum (2008/II)

… nor anything else but work.


spring –
pink robe
at her ankles

… by Yu Chang – Simply Haiku (Haiga, Spring 2008, Vol. 6:1)

If you think college professors all have easy sinecures after a couple decades on the job, you haven’t seen Yu Chang [a man of a certain age] in action at Union College here in Schenectady, New York.  Despite the school’s name, professors are not unionized at Union College.  That might be why Yu’s schedule is so heavy again this year, and why he has so many other (administrative) projects on his desk each trimester.  Of course, it could also be that the electrical and computer engineering professor does so many things well and so many people count on him.

Meanwhile, Yu’s friends are looking forward to playing, eating, or writing poetry with him once the current school session ends at Union on November 17.  Before then, there will be exams to prepare and grade, and all sorts of other paperwork, but little chance for Yu to write haiku.  So, we’re lucky the newest edition of Upstate Dim Sum (2008/II) came out at the end of October.  You can find a handful of Yu’s poems from that issue of UDS in our posting on November 3rd.  Here are another half dozen that should get us through the weekend, while Yu attends to his Day Job:

Leap Day —
an old friend
takes off her glasses

memorial concert
a landscape
of light and shadow

first warm day
a wedge of sun
on my open book

glimmer of light
the duckweed

park bench
the gap
in a stranger’s teeth

long-legged wine glasses
I become
a beer drinker

… by Yu ChangUpstate Dim Sum (2008/II)

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