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February 26, 2009

rivers, sunset, metaphors galore

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February thaw
a new patch of orange
on the river

… by dagosan

Catching another sunset or two in photos before we “archivize” this weblog on Saturday seemed like a good idea, as the afternoon waned today. [click “more” below to see some of the photographs]  Naturally, I managed to dawdle so long at this keyboard that I only caught the last few moments before the sun dipped behind nearby hills.  My timing was a metaphor of sorts for much that has happened (and not) lately in my life.  Of course, the sunset itself was a too-obvious symbol (along with the promised sunrise after a long dark night) for the ending of an important era in my life.

.. ..

– sunset along the Mohawk River, Schenectady, NY, at Cucumber Alley, Feb. 26, 2009; dedicated to Arthur P. Giacalone, who would have been 90 years old today –

the river
full of ice
broken free

……………………. Tom ClausenUpstate Dim Sum (2005/II)

Once I got the lay of the land, I knew I had to go nextdoor to the Cucumber Alley yard of Bob and Sylvie Briber, if I wanted to capture the sunset reflecting off the newly melted waters of the Binne Kill (creek), where it joined the Mohawk.  At that point, the metaphors for my life-after-f/k/a multiplied.  From ice on the Mohawk breaking up, and traffic heading across the Western Gateway Bridge,

to the two fools walking near broken ice ..  ..

.. .. and the newly uncovered picnic table, the sunset set the stage for new stages, dangers, and opportunities.

first day of winter
my walk extends
to the middle of the river

… by Yu Chang – from “Season’s Greetings 2009 Letter: Stream – River” (Ed., Mohammed H. Siddiqui, Baltimore, MD, 2008)

Of course, living in the present moment means realizing that communing with sunset was not getting my final posting done as f/k/a‘s self-imposed March 1st deadline looms near.  So, it’s time for me to get back to fretting over lawyer fees.  I do hope to return to this post to add a few more river-sunset haiku over the next couple of days.

we run
out of words

…. by Roberta Beary – “Season’s Greetings 2009 Letter

p.s. .. .. As I wrote a couple months ago, there is definitely something about sunsets that holds my attention and affection.  Click that link for a few more shots along “my” stretch of the Mohawk River, in Schenectady, and more sunset poems.  Two nights ago (Feb. 24, 2009), I found a winter sky with a bit more sunset color than this evening.  Here are two shots from the end of my block taken that evening.

.. ..

– – photos by David Giacalone, Schenecady, NY, February 2009 —

waking too late
for dawn
– he pencils-in sunset

.. by dagosan

afterwords:  This is the “last f/k/a sunset,” shot from my backyard, along the Mohawk in Schenectady, on February 28, 2009, just before I wrote the last posting for this weblog.  Looks rather bittersweet, don’t you think?:

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