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September 13, 2007

Art & Connie Giacalone: The First 60 Years

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No, they weren’t always married

but they did tie the knot, September 13, 1947

honeymoon in Connecticut (1947)

.. soon, lovely Linda

and, babies Arthur and David made five (the two earliest family-of-five photos from my album):

-twins’ first picnic?

twins’ first birthday, Dec. 1950 ..

the years zipped right on by:

Linda’s First Communion:
lots of Halloweens on Lorenzo St.; future dagosan on the right

….. Christmas 1958 ..

Arthur & David Confirmed (husky) 1960

Big Gap — couldn’t get those crabby adolescents to pose.

ancient snapshot
their last smiles
for the camera

……………………….. dagosan

Brian Matthews woos Linda, and eats lots of Sunday pasta (1970)

Linda & Brian marry (April, 1971)

Grandchildren start to rear their cute little heads:

nana & papa with blake and kara 1976

. . Christmas love from Ringwood, NJ, with Timothy, too (1981)

Kara‘s 1st Communion, 1984

“Papa, why did you marry Nana? Grampa Pickles may have the answer:

1984, posing with David:

a mere 40 years (1987). Mother’s Day in Rochester:

– and finally a real vacation, Hawaii, 1987

– 1989, posing with Linda:

– with the Matthews Kids, 1989

– looking good, 1991:

Celebrating Coral and Arthur’s wedding, 1996:

and, a new crop of grandchildren:

with Lissa, 1998

and, celebrating Art’s 81st birthday in 2000:

and, welcoming James in 2001:

Of course, when you’ve been married 60 years, even your (professional procrastinator) youngest son doesn’t have the energy to create a commemorative Page like this in a couple of days (where are the grandkids when you need them?). So, please excuse a brief delay, before we add pictures of the marvelous Next Generation: the lovely and brilliant great-grand-daughters, Jordan and Addison Matthews. If you’ve scrolled down this far, however, you surely can agree that Arthur and Connie Giacalone have created a wonderful family with their love and hard work and caring. We all love them and cherish, and thank them beyond what we can say with words or pictures. Please click to see the accompanying post, “Happy 60th Anniversary to Mama and Papa Giacalone” (Sept. 13, 2007), which has a little prose and a batch of haiku and senryu.

update (December 6, 2007):

Tim & Brandy with newborn Addison (Nov. 2006):

Mama G. acting silly in NC with Jordan Matthews (Nov. 2007)

Mama G. in NC with Addison Matthews (Nov. 2007)

– Blake & Jordan Matthews (Nov. 2007)


  1. Nubia: it was funny seeing your long hair linda, and Blakes big glasses. Your pictures are very nice. Tell your parents I said Happy Anniversary!

    Chandra: What a beautiful story!
    What a beautiful family! Many blessing and love to Mama and Papa Giacalone!

    Comment by chandra and Nubia — September 15, 2007 @ 10:08 am

  2. What a wonderful family you have, David!

    When you were in Rochester, did you remember
    to say hi to your parents for me?

    Just in case, here is a big hug for Mama G and another one for Papa G.


    Comment by Yu Chang — September 21, 2007 @ 9:17 pm

  3. Thank you very much, Yu. I hope to meet your children and grandchildren soon, so I can say the same to you.

    Yes, I did remember to send your greetings to my parents. Also told Mama G. how you’ve been acting a lot like her lately (and, “that’s not necessarily a bad thing”).

    Comment by David Giacalone — September 21, 2007 @ 11:07 pm

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