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April 10, 2004

Gender-neutral Pronoun Options

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Here’s the list I compiled, trying to decide which combination of consonant plus long-e sound would make a good choice for a non-gender-specific (gender-neutral or epicene) pronoun, in the subjective case:

  • be — too confusing, given the verb, and the insect

  • ce — no one will know how to pronounce it (‘key”?, “see”?, “chee”?)

  • de — maybe; could be confused with Delaware, or Brooklynese for “the” 

  • fe — reminiscent of “fee-fie-foe-fum”; the person would be a    contingent “fee”; symbol for Iron; Spanish for faith, trust;

  • ge — confusing pronunciation (“gee”? or “jee”?); it’s the Greek-based prefix for earth; and the symbol for the chemical element germanium

  • je — it’s not found in any major European language (which is a plus), but it sounds weird (especially its possessive and objective forms)

  • ke — lots of homonyms

  • le — means you/yourself (sing., polite)  in Spanish;

  • me — already taken

  • ne —  confused with Nebraska, northeast, or New England, symbol for neon; variant of nee (born)

  • pe — very unfortunate slang homonym; means “printer’s error”; Phys. Ed.; Pro. Engineer

  • qe — who? why? what?

  • re — too many homonyms, and means “the thing” 

  • se — confuse with “see”; selenium; southeast;

  • te —  Spanish for you (obj. singular, familiar); confuse with “tea”, “tee”

  • ve — confuse with letter “v”

  • we — already taken

  • xe — pronunciation problem (not “ex-ee”, please!); symbol for xenium

  • ye — archaic for “you”

  • ze — maybe, but perhaps sounds too French; sounds like letter “z”

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