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October 8, 2005

legal careers: choices, changes & self-assessment

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The Editor of this weblog is neither a career coach nor guidance counselor.  He does, however, believe

that the high numbers of lawyers who are dissatisfied with their current jobs or their choice of profession, 

or are troubled by depression or substance abuse, present a serious problem for our entire profession and

its members, as well as our society.  There are no magic panaceas, but undertaking serious self-evaluation

(to understand one’s goals, values, priorities, emotional needs and skills, and professional capabilities) is

clearly one crucial part of finding a satisfactory career solution, and life balance, for each individual.  This

assessment should start before deciding to enter law school, intensify during law school, and be revisited

regularly thereafter.  It’s not too late to begin (but it could be, if you keep stalling).


On this page, we’ve gathered a number of resources that may be helpful for those wishing to start or renew

the self-assessment, life-assessment, or career-assessment process.   With a commitment of time and

honest effort, this process may lead some to choose careers other than the law or to choose different paths

within the law.   Some may remember the person they were before they started law school.  Others may

get a clear picture of the person they want to and can become.  


We at f/k/a have formerly been known to play many roles within the legal profession, and have found

personally satisfying ones on its periphery and beyond.  Both doing the self-evaluation and making any

indicated changes take courage.  But, not doing them can be a lot scarier in the long run.   We urge you

not to wait for a calamity, as the Editor did.   Check the resources below and get going.  The life you save

may be your own (and your family’s).



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