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February 28, 2006

more EsqChecker

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We had forgotten all about ethicalEsq‘s EsqChecker project (an “ethics certification” — seal of approval — program), until last night, while looking for our founding editor’s valedictory post.  In the process, we located Professor Yabut‘s brief self-introduction as the new editor, along with his scandalized account (see below) of the EsqChecker program. [see ethicalEsq Sells Out, April 1, 2004]

esq er
Of course, it’s been almost two years since that naive post by Prof. Y.
Over that time, the legal profession has been consistently advised by
marketing gurus to embrace branding and value billing and such, as a
way to reach out and touch a better class of clients, while claiming
the highest ethical standards (see our prior post).  So, we’re going to
tell you about EsqChecker again, to see if our readers think it is a viable
Here are relevant parts from Professor Yabut’s post, detailing what he found out about EsqChecker:

The self-proclaimed ethicalEsq has apparently abandoned this weblog — to get rich
quick through an “ethics certification” program called EsqChecker.  Previous Editor
vanished so quickly that there has been no time to compose a proper introduction
of myself or our faithful mascot Donkey O. T.
donkey . . Donkey O.T.
our mascot . .
The little that we have learned about the plans and schemes of the so-called ethicalEsq
has been gleaned from metadata hidden in his curt farewell notice.  The hidden text
appears to be the rough draft of a brochure for EsqChecker. Here are its contents:
announcing black
EsqChecker . . . your firm’s key to credibility (and higher profits)
with the EsqChecker logo, you can
leverage the ethicalEsq brand to gain
instant trust and respectability
esq red check er
– we sent our check to ethicalEsq
and he gave us this one  –
tiny check Is there a Code of Conduct for EsqChecker members?
Of course not.  ethicalEsq respects the self-disciplinary tradition of
the legal profession.  We at EsqChecker take your word (and your
tiny check Are any fees involved?
Is that a trick question?  Of course, there are.
tiny check How much?
We at EsqChecker, and our parent organization ethicalEsq, PC, strongly
believe that our members come first.  Therefore, we subscribe whole-heartedly
to the concept of value billing.   So, you tell us how much you think it’s worth
to achieve an instant reputation for the highest level of integrity and profession-
alism.  Trust us, if your commitment to integrity is not high enough,we will let
you know.
tiny check What else do we need to know about EsqChecker?
If there were more you needed to know, we would have told you.
Postscript: Using metadata-mining techniques unknown to Prof. Yabut, we’ve discovered
another EsqChecker alternative that seems designed to invoke a healthy rivalry among
law firms, to show who cares the most about achieving a reputation for ethical probity.
Here’s the description of EsqChecker Ltd:
tiny check EsqChecker Ltd:is a way to stand out among the
crowd of law firms who have jumped on the better-ethics
bandwagon.  By acting quickly and demonstrating an
extraordinary level of commitment to integrity, your firm
can become the exclusive EsqChecker recipient in your
region for your chosen field of law.
This is all very exciting, in a profession where attracting and keeping the best clients
depends more and more on “earning” the best image.  Let us know if you’d like to
become the first law firm on your block to affiliate with ethicalEsq’s exciting program.
do you have yours? red check

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