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September 14, 2004

part ii:

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the Bar v. the Bard’s Barb

This time, the lawyers are killing Shakespeare — by twisting the meaning of his famous quote “First thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.”  (King Henry VI, Part II, IV, ii ).  It’s barbaric!

   joker vert   

In a barrage of baroque (and broken) logic, the legal profession has united to spread the barren notion that Shakespeare was somehow  complimenting lawyers as the last barricade of civilization, when he had rebels calling for their death.  Let’s stop the cultural barricudas from spreading their self-serving barm.  Cite them to the unlawyered explanations presented in Shakespeare and Lawyers and The Ethical Spectacle, and let them know you’re not buying their bilge.

p.s. to Mr. Google: Thanks for helping me set the record straight — the bar is bastardizing the Bard, misleading us about Dick the Butcher, Jack Cade and Bill Shakespeare’s historic perspective on lawyers.  They’ve bartered their literary souls and tortured the truth.  [Don’t worry, this is my last attempt to correct my blurb in your search results.]

  • Seth Finkelstein got it right: As long as there are lawyers, there will be “lawyer jokes”. And lawyers will show how those jokes ring true by trying to explain how such lampooning really constitutes praise for their profession, thus by example justifying the jokes more than ever.

p.p.s. Please note your Editor’s estimable self-restraint: Barring an emergency, the words barking, barratrous, barnacle, bare-knuckled, bariatrics, barf and barnyard, will not be utilized in this fight for truth and justice.

[dear Reader: we apologize if the content of this posting seems like deja vu — as with our post on Sept. 9, 2004, it is an attempt to correct the misimpression given in a recent Google Search result suggesting that this website is part of the legal profession’s conspiracy to re-write the meaning and history of Shakespeare’s Henry VI, part II.]

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