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October 2, 2005


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As explained in our update to this post, S.M. “Skip Oliva”, President and CEO of the Voluntary Trade Council deleted the following news release from the VTC website.  The text was retrieved Oct. 2, 2005, through a Google cache of the print version of the release:

Vitamin settlement funds will promote antitrust

Date 2005/2/11 10:33:03 | Topic: Antitrust

A California court has given a “grant” of $496,800 to the American Antitrust Institute to produce a documentary that “will present stories about several antitrust cases, demonstrating the harm to consumers and ways in which the federal government, state government, and private attorneys brought relief.” The video will be distributed to high schools for inclusion in “an antitrust section that can be inserted into various social science curricula.”

The nearly half-million-dollar “grant” is, in fact, money extracted from vitamin manufacturers in an $80 million “settlement” of price-fixing charges brought by the State of California and allied class-action lawyers.

The American Antitrust Institute is classified as a “criminal organization” by the Voluntary Trade Council because the group uses funds confiscated through taxation and extortion to attack free market principles and constitutionally-protected liberties.




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