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She’s alive! The bride speaks! Fire at Johnston Gate II


The bride who was in the limo that became an inferno by Johnston Gate back on April 30 commented my post about it and Ezra Ball’s blog. As my new blogbuddy felicia says,  “you make my life beautiful and excellentacious!” Let me quote the bride here:

I am the bride who escaped from the burning limo – rather dramatic
start to my wedding, but we’re glad everyone was okay. We didn’t crash
into the gate, the limo was basically smoking the whole ride, though
the driver kept telling us it was just “burning off extra oil”…
Also, the limo
company was Discover Boston, and they have done NOTHING to compensate
us for this – they haven’t even refunded our money!

An excerpt of her comment at Erza’s RealFake blog:

We were never interviewed by the police, so I’m not sure if there is
any investigation going on. The limo company has done NOTHING to
address the situation. The[y] didn’t even send back up transportation to
get us to the reception! Everyone was fine, but all my bridesmaids’
things (in the trunk) were ruined, and our lives were all at risk. I
feel worst for my bridesmaid who was 8 months pregnant, and for my 3
year old flower girl, and for my poor parents.

Dear Carrie,

There’s a bounty of bloggers who are glad everyone is
okay.  Thank you for shedding light on the origin of the fire.
There were questions of  intrigue and foul play. More than one
blogger wondered if someone  important was in the limo – one
thought maybe the President of Harvard.
I knew that wasn’t the case.
His limo is not white, not a stretch, and has a distinctive license
plate.  [ I know Joe, the driver. He drove for the old guy too.]
But when some bloggers said “oh just a car fire,” I was upset.
Anyone who saw the huge flames [shown by the Crimson and felicia]
could see that something really awful might have happened to someone.
In my view, there WAS someone important in that limo. How very nice to
meet you, I hope to meet the others with you.

Without further ado:

Congratulations on your wedding to you and yours!

 I‘m thinking “yours” means “Mr. Carrie”, but the
congratulations are unconditional. [ I am very proud of the Clerk of
the City of Cambridge, Margaret Drury, opening her office at midnight
on the first day it was legal for gay couples to wed.]

You most certainly may have the pictures for your album. I will e-mail
them. Also, you might ask Ezra Ball, the Crimson, and felicia for
theirs. I’ll try to pave the way. I know Dowbrigade. He’ll come through
for you. May I have one from the happier part of the occasion [including the flower girl]? May I
post it here?

My original post about you was something of an experiment. I wondered
whether I would be able to find out what happened through the
blogoshpere without relying on “the authorities” who often try to
minimize things to avoid “alarming the public.” [ The HUPD, in the Public Police Log,
describes your “limo inferno” as an incident of type “Assist Cambridge
Police” and its disposition “Closed.”] I’m declaring the
experiment a success and am not at all disappointed that there was no
great conspiracy involved. However, you and yours have been
mistreated. I propose phase II of my experiment. Can we get some
justice for the newlyweds?

I would not rule out legal action, but we may not have to go that far.
Perhaps if we alert the blogosphere we can shame these folks into doing
the right thing. I suppose we can let the mainstream media in on it
eventually. And if push comes to shove, there are a lot of lawyers near
the Berkman Center where this blog lives.  But we need one thing
from you. Would you tell us which of the several Google hits for
“Discover Boston” is the website of the company you hired? We’ll take
it from there.