What Harvard is really about.


Yesterday in the Science Center there was advising en masse for the
incoming students. Tables were lined up around the atrium personed by
faculty, students, and staff. Mechanistic perhaps. Bureaucratic perhaps.
I certainly believe in ideas, models, and systems as useful tools. But
I am an empiricist, experimentalist – somewhat of a nominalist. I
believe that ideas, models, and systems must always be questioned. Are
they serving us well?

I had to find the physics table. I found what Harvard is really about.
Not physics, or scholarship – scholarly relationships. An old scholar
was talking to a young one. The old man was brimming over with
excitement. The old man would have won the Nobel if protons were not so
stubborn. But the truly remarkable is the Nobel class attention he gave
to this most newly arrived young scholar.

That’s why I’ve kept the books on the shelves for lo these many years.

 I did my best to get Matt to talk to his advisor, Professor
Andy.  Matt went in another direction. It’s not mine to judge. But
am I allowed to have hopes?

Cambridge 7 trial continues.
It starts with hello.

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