Breaking the Fast



A worker from U of Miami lights the Passover Candles as Dick Bauer of the Jewish Labor Committee looks on.


The worker for University of Miami share a long overdue meal.

It is probably a good thing that U Miami workers in Boston broke the fast The Picketline blog from UM reports that hunger striker Feliciano Hernandez [age 60] has had a stroke and is in the hospital.
Previously Odalys Rodriguez went to hospital with blood pressure problems.


hunger striker feliciano hernandez (with SEIU organizer kathy bird)[Picketline]

More Images from Justice City [including Odalys] as well as the lockdown of Ashe Hall, Donna Shalala’s letter, faculty and STAND responses on Picketline.

Miami, we’re here for you!
A Note from Harvard SLAM: Solidarity with Students Around the Nation …

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