International Women’s Day


International Women's Day 2007 International Women’s Day is today.* [click logo for “Official site,”**] I wouldn’t have known, if Amy Goodman hadn’t told me.

Featuring an interview with Sargent Eli Painted Crow USAR a woman soldier for 22 years and mother of 4, two of whom also served. Also Professor Helen Benedict about her article, “The Private War of Women Soldiers.”[Salon server is temporarily slashdotted]. Clip of Colonel Janice Carpinsski, former Brigadier General and commander of Abu Gharib prison. Phone interview with Specialist Mickiela Montoya, “there are only three things they let a woman be in the military, a bitch, a ho, or a dyke.”

Geena Davis, actor and founder of the See Jane Foundation, speaking at the National Conference for Media Reform on the paucity and stereotypes of female characters in children’s media.
Web rebroadcast, headlines and transcripts available at noon.

*There’s currently a minor edit scirmish on Wikipedia. The IWD 2006 logo has been replaced with an “unofficial” logo. It is more provocative than the official logo, but the “Quick Delete” banner says only that it is a licensing matter.

**The “Official Site” has corporate sponsors including Big Four accounting firm Deloitte. This must truly thrill the Marxist crowd or any remaining Marxians who founded the day.

Total Eclipse of the Moon.
International Women’s Day: “Unofficial” Boston Area Events

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