They’re Alive! Harvard Law Students Protest Gonzales!


Thomas Becker confronting Harvard Law School Alums including torture czar Alberto Gonzalez
Thomas Becker in class 1A Gitmo drag seems to have the right idea. He confronts Harvard Law School Alums because

Torture Alum Alberto Gonzalez at the HLS Reunion Apr 2007

Torture Alum Alberto Gonzales was there.

Ok. I’m being just a bit melodramatic. I discovered that Harvard Law School is not totally a branch office of the Federalist Society, when the Legal Left took me to dinner1, again when Unbound had their Resistance and the Law conference, and again on the 4th anniversary of the invasion. But I am still getting over the Milgram reception given to Chertoff.

Actually, I picked a bad week to be home taking care of domestic matters. The Harvard Coalition to End Torture [great pictures! including the two above] demonstrated for a full week and I missed it. I don’t watch mainstream media much, but Yahoo doesn’t show anything until Torture Alum showed up. The guy in orange has the right idea. What’s wrong with all those other people? Maybe Dean Elena [endearingly Brooklyn2] is right, a single required course in the third year isn’t quite enough to set folks’ moral compass straight.

Missed it by that much!

The reunion was on Saturday in Austin Hall [next to the Littauer building]. i went a little bit, but had to go guard the library. Sounds like the demonstration occurred during my shift.
I watched Dean Elena on the overflow. Aside from straightening out folks’ moral compass, she’s gonna build a lot of really, really, big stuff. What is it with law types and big furniture? Judges and their big desks? Some kind of compensation thing goin’ on? The wavefunction of the universe will fit in the pencil drawer of a regular desk.3
But I gotta go with Professor Janet, them big Hauser windows are glorious.

Professor Janet Halley at the Resistance Conference March 2007

Professor Janet Halley at Resistance and the Law, March 2007
Handsome is as handsome does.

1It was heartening that they took care to feed the help who were on duty. I’m sorry I didn’t quite get the recycling regime. I can tell you from years in the library – there’s no sign everyone will understand; you need a guy by the sign to explain it. And it helps if you’ve thought about it in advance.

2On beginning grad school, I lived just west of Park Slope on the ‘transition’ block. A coupla three days there, we heard a popping noise outside. Some guy had a gun. At least that’s what Gil said. I was hugging the floor boards. My first experience of buying dirt in a plastic bag was there.

3Of course, all the “human degrees of freedom” are “integrated out.”

Holy Berkoblog Bug!!!
Why Bush won’t fire Torture Alum

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