Left of Obama, but afraid of McCain? A proposal.


Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, Green Party Candidate Ralph Nader Obama in Abington Pennnsylvania
Congresswoman Cynthia
McKinney, Green Party
Presidential Candidate

[Photo Wikimedia]
Ralph Nader in 2007,
Independent Presidential

[Photo Wikimedia]
Democratic Party
Presidential Candidate
Barack Obama
in Abington, PA
[Photo: Wikimedia]

As mentioned in Beyond Vietnam, Beyond Iraq; on matters of war, Barack Obama cannot be taken as heir to the political legacy of Martin King. Obama is getting his economic advice from Harvard Fellow1 and CitiGroup Director Robert Rubin, the man who engineered the exportation of millions of U.S. jobs. As Nader points out Obama is a centrist. Michael Moore is basing his support of Obama on the hope that Obama will break his campaign promise and get out of Iraq sooner than advertised. Yet there is the specter of John McCain who is many ways like a Specter character from the James Bond movies.

Today’s Democracy Now! has extensive reporting of voter disenfranchisement and voting machine irregularities. McCain could steal the 2008 election just as 2000 and 2004 were. This is easiest to due in a state where the vote is close. Those of us who live in a blue state can afford to vote our conscious at the risk of it being a symbolic gesture. but a good showing at the polls can be used in lobbying efforts after the election. To protect agains the risk of a McCain presidency, call your relatives and friends in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia. You mush encourage them not just to vote, but to be on the watch for disenfranchisement and fraud. They must be prepared to take action.

1There are Harvard Fellows and there are Harvard Fellows. There are Junior Fellows who are top shelf post docs. There are faculty members who are Senior Fellows. But a Fellow, is a member of The Corporation. Rubin was the Fellow who lent the rest of the Fellows the subprime President recently departed.

Tenant Activists Ejected from Boston McCain HQ
Cambridge* voting snafu.

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