New York Art Book Fair

Burk Uzzle. A family named spot. New York : Five Ties, 2010.

Late last fall, I attended the New York Art Book Fair, sponsored by Printed Matter, a New York-based artists’ book cooperative. The fair featured over 150 artists and publishers and I thought it would provide an excellent opportunity to meet with people that my usual virtual contacts wouldn’t reach, and I was right. By the end of the fair, I had uncovered dozens of new artists and companies whose work deserved to be represented in our collection, like these charming examples.

We bought the work of numerous other artists in attendance; books by T.E. Ericsson, Joseph Grigley, and Michalis Pichler, among others, can now be found in the Fine Arts Library collection.

Jason Polan, The every piece of art in the Museum of Modern Art book. New York : self-published, 2009.

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