Failing to Educate

This short video is a great example of why the college education myth persists.  Instead of critically examining the data the guest simply rehashes the conventional wisdom that people with a BA make more money over their lifetime than those without one.  No need to look at the particulars, offer alternatives to college, or (gasp) suggest an educational system that better matches skills/aptitude to employment opportunities prior to making the decision to go to college. 

We ought to re-evaluate the role of higher education as it relates to career development.  Much of the academic content a college program provides can now be learned online for free or at low cost.  While I greatly enjoyed the History and Government courses, these were taken to help frame my view of the world.  The value they provided in this capacity is far more than any economic value they will ever have for me.  It may or may not disappoint Prof. Maier to know that my knowledge of the Battle of the Somme hasn’t once landed me a job or resulted in a promotion.

I’m OK with this.  The technical skills I need in my career I seek out and learn outside a classroom.  The pace of change is so rapid that continuous skill building is demanded of those who seek to advance their career.  This ability to self-motivate and be curious about the world around us is a far greater attribute to take to an interview than what many college degreed job seekers carry with them.

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