In the News: Food Waste & “Waste Not, Want Not” Panel

As evidenced by last week’s standing-room-only panel event on food waste, more people are beginning to discuss and think critically about how to solve this significant problem. The media has been covering the issue of food waste with increasing frequency as well.

Today alone, two news stories about food waste circulated through Boston media outlets:

  • WBUR’s Cognoscenti featured an article (and audio feature) about the “Waste Not, Want Not” panel event. Louisa Kasdon, founder of Let’s Talk About Food, writes a good summary of the main points raised at the panel event. She concludes, “Truth be told, I am a recovering expiration date addict. … But I am re-thinking my label fanaticism. … If we can reduce our own household waste, maybe we can reverse the ripple effect and scale back the mountain of perfectly good food that we throw away.”
  • The Boston Globe reported a story about “Waste Not, Want Not” panelist Doug Rauch’s work on his Urban Food Initiative, which aims to bring food that is still edible but past its sell-by date to low-income individuals in Boston, starting out in Dorchester.

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Another article on the panel and panelist Doug Rauch’s work was posted on February 28:

  • On, Steve Holt raises two major criticisms of Doug Rauch’s plan to open a discounted food store in Boston: (1) the community’s concerns about being sold “unwanted food” and (2) competition with area food banks. Panelist Jonathan Bloom understands the concerns, but concludes, “‘We’re talking about good, nutritious food victimized by the inanity of expiration dates, in particular “sell-by” dates,’ says Bloom, creator of and author of American Wasteland. ‘I would feed that food to my family.'”

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