“Fostering interest and discussion within the Harvard Law School community about the legal issues facing cities and local governments today, and connecting students with career opportunities in local governments and organizations that work on issues at the local level.”


The Forum on Local Government was created in 2001 by then first-year law students Rob McCreanor and Charles Imohiesen with the help and encouragement of Harvard Law School professor David Barron. The aim was to encourage more discourse at the Harvard Law School about the legal and policy issues that were then facing local governments across the country. Toward this end, Rob and Charles organized a panel of speakers on inequitable school funding within states, looking in particular at Campaign for Fiscal Equity’s lawsuit against New York State in response to the State’s underfunding of New York City schools relative to suburban districts. Since 2001, the Forum has continued to attract a variety of speakers and helped law school students find jobs in city governments and public interest organizations that work on local government law-related issues.

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