G4C2008: mini-TED

4 talks in 40 minutes.

Suzanna Samstag Oh (Global Contents Forum) — games for change (“practical games”) in Korea… need for psychological research.

Cindy Poremba (digital media theorist, Concordia University) — is there a game analog of film documentaries? e.g. embedding documents in Brother-in-Arms game. bringing evidentiary materials into a game to convey complexity, multiplicity. DocGames.com

Ken Perlin (Dp’t of Computer Science and Media Research Lab, NYU) — design factors (cognitive, emotional, socio-cultural), deployment context (integration, support), expanded definitions of educational outcomes including affective. Storytelling and entertainment’s power to transform. See ICED game corresponding to The Visitor.

Wendy Cohen (Manager of Community and Alliances, Participant Media) — see Participant’s “pro-social” mission. Now launching takepart. Looking for distribution avenue for games.  wendy at takepart.com