another Parents’ Guide to Video Games

Related to our recent discussion on positive game ratings and the need for better game reviews, here’s a new effort to publish a parents’ guide to video games: GameProFamily (reposted at Wired). The reviews spotlight the experience over content, and you’ll see in this overview of the Mario empire there’s some attempt to emphasize the “benefits” of games, e.g. dexterity (that old work horse) and learning to care for “fragile cargo.”

– Gene Koo

One thought on “another Parents’ Guide to Video Games

  1. Not sure how much I agree with the “learning to care for fragile cargo” but I think a parents’ guide to video games is certainly a great thing. With the huge amount of games out there, parents should be monitoring and regulating their children’s gaming.

    Growing up, albeit all we had was nintendo and then sega genesis for a bit, my parents were very strict in the games they would allow me to play. Obviously back then I didn’t like it too much, but as I grew into an adult I really appreciated it.

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