Newsweek on morality in video games

I missed this article from a month ago: Videogames with a Social Conscience. It paints with the broad strokes you’d expect from a national general-interest publication, but it does zoom in on one title, Far Cry 2:

But just as soon as the game begins, the protagonist contracts malaria. The player must then choose whether to work with one faction or the other, or with the local church, to get the medication he needs. Conditions in the country continue to deteriorate over the course of the game. The sniper rifle is still the most fun part of playing, and the moral questions of right and wrong are not exactly central, but they’re there.

The piece then skips on to the marquis Game for Change, Peacemaker, which is a shame because there’s a lot more that could have been said about the diversification of first-person shooters into areas of moral complexity.