6 thoughts on “US Deputy CTO Beth Noveck on gaming and open governance

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  4. Before any sort of virtual technologies move forward in the government sector, lawmakers need to clarify just what is “gaming” and what is “video gaming”. Most people consider these words one in the same, when in reality “gaming” connotes wagering on games of chance, whereas “video gaming” applies more towards the console powered game systems that youths attach to their TVs, popularized in the late 80’s and still booming today.

    As a result, the executive branch should look to leaders like Barney Frank, D-Massachusetts, who is looking to repeal UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act) which would allow legislation to tax and regulate internet gaming in the USA to move forward. If successful, the government could reap millions of tax dollars from big name resort/casino groups that decide to open up a presence online.

    Meanwhile, the bulk of true “online gaming” is promulgated by offshore online sports betting sites and casinos that take dollars out of the country; not to mention the fact that their operation flies in the face of the current UIGEA legislation that is *ALMOST* in effect.

    The government really needs to catch up with technology, but in the right vain.

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