Al Gore getting into climate change games?

After keynoting this year’s Games for Change conference, Al Gore has been rather quiet about whether his Climate Reality Project was going to start adding games to its arsenal of change agents. Well, it seems the effort was in stealth mode, and they’re getting ready to go public.

Read my former colleague Nicole Haber’s blog entry wondering what the “gold coin” is to motivate a change in our national dialogue about climate change: If the earth is our princess, what is your gold coin?

One thought on “Al Gore getting into climate change games?

  1. Hi Gene,

    I’m having some trouble clicking on that second link but I don’t think it was leading to this page so I thought it would share it with you: The Climate Reality Project and PSFK actually put out a request for proposals a little while ago for games that address climate change, and Al Gore helped select some finalists, which you can see at the link above. I also want to say I’ve been enjoying your blog, and it actually inspired a two part post on my own blog about civics games.

    All the best,


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