Warren Spector distinguishes “mature” from “adolescent”

Kotaku’s Kirk Hamilton elicits some thoughts from Warren Spector, designer of Deus Ex and Epic Disney, on what distinguishes games for adults from games for children:

But the reality is, what makes a game mature is not, “I got a gun, I curse, that woman is naked…” that’s adolescent, it’s not “mature.” It’s the opposite of mature. I find it so ironic that we get that so completely backwards. We give mature ratings to the most immature games. In Disney Epic Mickey, it was about how important family and friends are to you. And [Epic Mickey 2] is about, “Do you believe that there is evil so profound in the world that it’s beyond redemption?” In this game, you have to decide who to trust. That’s maturity!

Warren Spector Explains How Epic Mickey Is Like Deus Ex (Kotaku)