Hello from Korea!

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Hello everyone! We have been in Korea a little over a month now, and we truly love it here! In the future, we will try to update this page on a semi-weekly basis, but we have been quite busy until now, so here is a quick recap of the last few weeks.

We arrived in Incheon, South Korea on August 19th. We traveled to Jeonju, Korea for 10 days to attend orientationfor our program, EPIK (English Program in Korea). We will be working for the Korean Ministry of Education as Guest English Teachers in the public schools. We will both be teaching Middle School, which, in Korea, includes students aged 14-16. During the 10 day orientation, we met several of the other Native Teachers who hail from 8 other English speaking countries (England, Ireland, Scotland, South Africa, Canada, Australia ,New Zealand, and The United States)

Arriving in Ulsan

After the orientation, we came to Ulsan to meet our co-teachers. These are Korean teachers who teach English at our schools and will be helping us get settled into our new home. Jocelyn’s teacher is a kind woman named Ms. Lee who speaks very good English and has been to the States several times. Jeff’s teacher is named Ms. Park and is very nice as well. We had originally thought we would be living the the center of the city, but we ended up in a little town 30 minutes outside Ulsan named Eonyang. Eonyang’s population is about 7,000 Koreans and 2 Americans (that would be us). We are surroundedby mountains, fresh-air and lots of rice paddies, and we both like it here very much. The school has provided us with a very cute 1 bedroom apartment, which is within a 2 minute walk of a grocery store, bakery/coffee shop where Jeff can get his cappuccino fix, a barber shop and a Catholic Church. Jeff describes Eonyang as a bigger version of Oldenburg. We love it.

Weekend Trips

We both teach Monday-Friday, which leaves our weekends free to explore Korea and the rest of Asia. Last weekend, we went to Gyeongju, South Korea with the P.E. teacher from Jeff’s school and his family. The next day we took the KTX train to Seoul. Taking the KTX was a really neat way to travel. The train travels at 300 kilometers (180 miles) per hour, and it winds through the mountains, so it is a great way to see the country. We arrived in Seoul on Saturday and spend the weekend at the Ritz Carlton in downtown where we had a great view of the city and had fun getting lost in the huge hotel.

Here is a link to our on-line photo album. We will be posting all our photos from Korea here, so you may want to bookmark the site:



Sorry for the long post. We will try to update this more regularly:) In the meantime, if you would like to drop us a line, here is our contact info: 

Email:   Jeff: jgehring@email.arizona.edu    Jocelyn: jocelyngehring@post.harvard.edu

SKYPE:   Jeff: jeffrey.gehring    Jocelyn: jocelyn.gehring


Jeff and Jocelyn

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