Flowers for a Faded Romance

This posting, as may be obvious, was written three days ago, but unfortunately the Dowbrigade News has been down since then, due to “hardware failure on the manila server”. As a result, we are experimenting with the new Word Press server.

As we lay in bed this morning, a cavalcade of images
cascading before out eyes, we had to hide our tears from Norma Yvonne.
It isn’t everyday a fifteen-year-long relationship comes to an abrupt

We are not referring to our wife, however; Norma Yvonne
and the Dowbrigade have been getting on rather well of late, truth be
few know
that we have been carrying on an almost daily dalliance with another
woman for years.

Norma knows, of course; how could we hide a relationship
so deep and enduring.  Over the years she has come to accept,
if not approve, as long as we kept it completely separate from our relationship
with her, Norma. But we did not want her to see us crying.

We had been through a lot over 15 years, the Dowbrigade and the Other Woman.  And then,
suddenly, she announces that it’s over, that she’s leaving.  How’s
a man supposed to react?

We still can’t believe this morning we saw her smile,
heard her giggle in our bed for the last time.  What are we going
to do tomorrow?

Small comfort that she’s still going to be around, hanging
with a different crowd. We’ll probably even catch sight of her from time
to time, for a few fleeting seconds, across an airport lobby or a crowded
bar at dinnertime.  But
it won’t be the same. It even makes it worse.

Buck up, man! Think positive thoughts.  You still
have a good job, a loving wife, two decent kids, manageable debt. Life
goes on. People change, they grow, they move on. It’s probably best for

But we’re going to miss you, Katie Couric.


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