Intros at BarCamp

10:43 AM and people are passing around a mike and introducing themselves, also mentioning what they are going to be talking about. One of the distinguishing characteristics of this non-conference is that EVERYBODY is supposed to give at least a small talk or presentation.

Some of the ideas are fascinating, and hope we can make the connection to the right talk in the right room. One guy is going to show off his on-line poker school. Another guy with a thick Israeli accent says he is going to talk about creating leaders around the world. We think he works for a Bio-tech company.

All the Monster people are in orange.

Lots of the particpants seem to have their own companies (“I work for myself”) and are basically selling same.

The more we look around, the more we realize that a lot of the people here are over cafinated and operating on demanding personal agendas. We feel the energy in the room snapping and crackling, especially when the geeks start talking about money, start-ups, angel investors, etc.

We may need to slip out for some stress medication before it starts to get to us.

Stay tuned….

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