Live from Bar Camp

On a cold and rainy Saturday morning, as soon as the fog cleared and it was obvious the Just Don’t Suck tennis club would be canceled, we packed ourself into the White Whale and wandered out Route 2, past Walden Pond, and into Maynard, MA.

In a renovated red-brick mega-office mall called The Clock Tower Place, reminiscent for us of the University of Texas Clock Tower where Charles Whitman gunned down a dozen strollers on the UT Mall a few years before we arrived, in a space provided by, a bunch of geeks are reveling in each other, their geekiness, and all things technological.

The Dowbrigade feels somewhat out of place, as we don’t really have the smarts to be a true geek, but since we like hanging out and listening to smart people, we are trying to fit in.

Actually, after enganging in a couple of painfully polite random comversations we have rebuffed the friendly people and retired to a solitary table near a power outlet to hide behind the screen of our iBook (no mean feat, it’s just an old 12-inch) and blog away.

This is a screwy kind of “non-conference” conference, with an agenda made up as it goes along. So far only a few session discriptions are up on the wall, and a lot of the topics are highly technical, ie the Dowbrigade would understand as much as an escatalogical discourse in Swahili, but a few look accessible.

The Wi-Fi seems to be working well. I will try to post additional notes later.


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