The Last Noel

It’s a little off season to be reading this book, but I actually read it right after the holidays. I just haven’t been posting any of these nano-reviews lately for a variety of reasons that no one would find interesting.

Steve Brewer is one of four contributors to this collection of novellas with a holiday theme. The other writers are Catherine Dain, Mat Coward, and Linda Berry, whose stories, I’m sorry to say, I didn’t read. Brewer’s leadoff tale, Sanity Clause, features Albuquerque PI Bubba Mabry, his wife, reporter Felicia Quattlebaum, his Dodge Ram, and Santa, very dead, at a local mall. Brewer is always good for a fast, fun read. I’ll read the other stories someday.

Published in mass market paperback by Worldwide Library. ISBN 0373265093

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