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Aliens: Original Sin


Michael Jan Friedman takes up Ripley’s tale following the events of Alien: Resurrection. Joined by Call, Johner, and Vreiss, Ripley takes on a mysterious organization whose agenda includes home delivery of Alien eggs. The books seems a little light. It’s a setup for more stories to follow and I think it would have made a better comic mini-series than a novel.

Published in mass-market paperback by Dark Horse Books. ISBN 1595820159

Alien vs. Predator: Thrill of the Hunt


This graphic novel is a sequel to the film, set long after our alien friends tangled on Earth. In this tale, foolish humans repeat the mistakes of the past. Written by Mike Kennedy, pencils by Roger Robinson with Dustin Weaver, and inks by James Pascoe with Randy Emberlin. The small size of the book doesn’t do the artwork justice.

Published in trade paperback by Dark Horse Comics. ISBN 1593072570

Alien vs. Predator


Marc Cerasini authored this novelization of the film, screenplay by Paul W. S. Anderson and Shane Salerno. There are modest differences and similar inconsistentcies in the novel when compared to the movie. Lex and Scar seem to have a tighter bond in the novel and both use Alien body parts to arm and armor themselves. The movie was fun. The book is ok. Coming soon: the comic.

Published in paperback by Harper Entertainment. ISBN 0060735376

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