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Hot on Mr. Leonard’s literary heels is Steve Brewer with his latest novel about an Albuquerque car thief who steals the wrong low rider, but doesn’t find out until he discovers a dead DEA informant in the trunk of his next job, a 1965 T-bird. You can also read Mr. Brewer’s column in the Albuquerque Tribune.

Published in hardcover by speck press. ISBN 097257763

Rum Punch


Yet another fine Elmore Leonard novel. I don’t think he can write a bad story, but most people already know this. You’ll find the usual slightly discordant collection of characters, situations, twists and turns. Read it if you haven’t already, then read it again, just for fun.

Quentin Tarentino directed an equally fine film adaptation titled Jackie Brown, starring Pam Grier, Samuel L. Jackson, Robert Forster, Bridget Fonda, Robert De Niro, and others.

Published in paperback by Dell. ISBN 0440214157

Maximum Bob


This is Elmore Leonard at his best. Judge Maximum Bob Gibbs hands down tough sentences once too often and some of his customers would like a little revenge. Meanwhile, he has his eye on probation officer Kathy Baker, who wants to know where the Judge’a wife has gone and who put the alligator in his back yard.

The novel was spun into a summer replacement televison series several years ago. starring Beau Bridges. I don’t think the series did justice to Leonard’s characters, but it was still better than most shows.

Published in paperback by Dell. ISBN 0440212189

Slow Kill


Michael McGarrity returns with the latest installment of his series featuring Santa Fe Police Chief Kevin Kerney. Kerney travels outside of New Mexico and becomes a murder suspect. The case has ties to Santa Fe, the FBI, and a Vietnam KIA. Smooth reading.

Published in hardcover by Dutton. ISBN 052594799X

Pony Girls


Denson is still flying with Willie and their new partner, former FBI agent and double-jointed hacker Annie Dancer. Mustang stallions are dying across the west. Denson and company have been hired to learn why. With the help of some animal spirits and a few good mounts, they find their way through a twisted helix.

Published in hardcover by Tom Doherty Associates. ISBN 0765306166

The Weatherman’s Daughters


John Denson is back and he’s flying high. His partner Willie, finally persuades him to fly with the animal spirits in order to see his way through a complicated double murder. Author Richard Hoyt also makes an unusual appearance as Denson’s creator. Hoyt’s Denson novels are always a treat.

Published in hardcover by Tom Doherty Associates. ISBN 0765303329

Skinny Dip


Carl Hiaasen has written another South Florida novel of oddballs, outcasts, and warped behavior. Chaz throws his wife Joey overboard on their second honeymoon cruise. Joey survives, thanks to a bale of Jamaica’s finest, and gets even. A fun read, as usual.

Published in hardcover by Alfred A. Knopf. ISBN 0375411089



I’m trying to get caught up with Elmore Leonard’s novels. This one is a lean mean tale featuring U.S. Marshall Raylen Givens and bookie Harry Arno. The feds make trouble for Arno and his boss wants him dead. Arno runs to Italy in Ezra Pound’s old neigborhood and Givens decides to go after him. A satisifying story.

Published in paperback by Dell. ISBN 0440214432

Old Soldiers Sometimes Lie


Richard Hoyt blends history and speculation into a fascinating tale of wartime deceit. Did MacArthur really make a deal with Emperor Hirohito for control of the Golden Lily, Asian war booty plundered by the Japanese? Hoyt makes a pretty convincing case in this entertaining novel.

Published in paperback by Forge. ISBN 0765342251

Excess homicide: A Four Corners mystery


Detective Annette Trieri takes a leave of absence from the Durango PD to work for the Colorado Bureau of Investigation on a series of murders targeting environmental activists. Meanwhile, her husband, Dean Hal Weathers deals with the usual summer headaches at Fremont State University. HP Hanson takes readers on a rollercoaster ride all over the Four Corners region.

Published in trade paperback by 1stBooks Library. ISBN 141072817X

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