Stargate SG-1: Trial by Fire


Author Sabine C. Bauer fired up a new series of Stargate SG-1 adventures with this story about a peace mission with SG-1 caught between sworn enemies and barbaric rites. The story seems to be typical Stargate fare. The characters are sufficiently snarky to catch the flavor of the television series. I’ll keep on reading more books in the series.

Published in mass-market paperback by Fandemonium Books. ISBN 0954734300

Note: Fandemonium isn’t licensed to sell this series online in the US. I ordered from a UK bookseller.

The Wrong Stuff


In the wake of the Red Sox loss to the White Sox, I decided to revisit the past and read Bill Lee‘s autobiography, written with Dick Lally. Lee pitched for the Red Sox during the years that I became a baseball fan. This twenty-year old book is a breezy, amusing recollection of baseball in the seventies. Lee and Lally just wrote another book that will also go on my list of books to read.

Published in hardback by Viking Press. ISBN 0670767247

Star Trek: Titan – The Red King


Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin have moved onto my short list of Star Trek authors who can be counted on for a good read. This volume features the continuing adventures of Captain William Riker’s first command, the USS Titan and its diverse crew.

Published in mass-market paperback by Pocket. ISBN 0743496280



Keith R.A. DeCandido presents us with a novelization based on the motion picture screenplay by Joss Whedon. The film and the book make for a fitting conclusion to the short-lived television series. And don’t forget the comics.

Published in mass-market paperback by Pocket Star Books. ISBN 1416507558

Dune: The Battle of Corrin


Authors Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson conclude the Legends of Dune trilogy with this volume. Omnius kills billions of humans with a plague. Humans kill billions of humans with atomics on synchronized worlds. Titans kill Cogitors. Humans kill Titans. A great time is had by all and the reader encounters the genesis of all things Dune. It’s a bit overwhelming, but if you’ve read the original Dune novels, seen the film, or the Sci-Fi channel mini-series, it’s also entertaining.

Mass-market paperback from TOR. ISBN 0765340798

Dead Witch Walking


Kim Harrison introduces Rachel Morgan, witch, Ivy, her vampire partner, and Jenks, pixy and all-around loudmouth. Dark fantasy and romance all in one package. This first book in a series was interesting enough to pick up the second book. We’ll see how it goes. Also available in Spanish with the title La noche del la bruja muerta.

Published in mass-market paperback by HarperCollins. ISBN 0060572965

Star Trek: Vanguard – Harbinger


I enjoyed this retro TOS novel by David Mack. Mack introduces a fleet of new characters for this story arc, all very intriguing, as is the mystery of the Taurus Reach. Of course, Kirk, Spock, and a few other familiar characters are there. I’m looking forward to the rest of the story.

Published in mass market paperback by Pocket Books. ISBN 1416507744

Star Trek: Tales from the Captain’s Table


This amusing collection of short stories is edited by Keith R. A. DeCandido who also contributes a story featuring Klag. Other featured captains are Riker, Picard, Elizabeth Shelby, Kira Nerys, Chakotay, Demora Sulu, David Gold, and Jonathan Archer. Of course, none of them can live up to the legend of Porthos, badass beagle and cheese connoisseur.

Published in trade paperback by Pocket Books. ISBN 1416505202

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince


J. K. Rowling finally brings us Harry’s sixth year at Hogwarts. Harry’s growing up. He smooches a bit with Ginny. Good setup for the finale. I don’t need to say anymore because everyone on the planet has read this book, right?

Published in hardcover by Scholastic. ISBN 0439784549

Star Trek: New Frontier – The Captain’s Table Book Five – Once Burned


The title is a mouthful, but Peter David comes through with this first-person tale told by Captain Mackenzie Calhoun. The Captain’s table format gives both David and his character an opportunity to tell a very personal story. I found it entertaining. You can find PAD among the crowd of the cover art.

Published in mass-market paperback by Pocket Books. ISBN 0671020781

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