Week two

It has been quite a busy week. Monday was Labor Day in the United States, so orientation formally started Tuesday. Thomas and I were sent to orientation with the Master of Public Administration (MPA) students. The MPA program is a two-year degree for people with some work experience. Many of the students are also taking an MBA from Harvard Business School or the Sloan school at MIT.

On the first day we went to a conference center south of Boston for outdoor activities, the most memorable of which was building and (in the case of my team successfully) sailing a raft made from wood boards and barrels.

I spent Wednesday at MIT, where the classes start earlier. Peter Diamond walked by the corridor as I waited for class to begin in 14.281 Contract Economics. The first month will be taught by Richard Holden, but Bengt Holmstrom, who will teach the rest, did appear for a few minutes.

My other MIT course will be 14.160 Experimental and Behavioral Economics, taught by Ernst Fehr, which seems promising and with a reasonable workload. After the lecture we participated in two experiments, an asset market where we developed a small bubble and a coordination game that made me very disappointed in the other students.

Thursday was more orientation, including a case with Kenneth Winston and lunch with a selection of faculty members. And this morning I made my third and probably final trip to Ikea.

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  1. Julie Stefani-Momsen

    September 25, 2007 @ 6:55 am


    jeg har ikke din mail adresse, har du fundet ud af hvornår det passer med et besøg?

    kh julie

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