First day in the Boston area


It’s 5:35 and I am waiting for the sunrise, which according to the astronomers will be at around 6.

Yesterday my flight was delayed because the equipment was late coming in to Copenhagen. So I missed my flight from Newark to Boston, and also the opportunity to pick up my apartment keys.

Today is the big trip to the IKEA in Stoughton, about 45 minutes south of Cambridge. To that end I will be kidnapping Simon Carstensen, who is vacationing in Boston, to do the heavy lifting.

Picking courses


I’ve set up this blog on the Berkman server because I am spending the 2007/8 academic year at the John F. Kennedy School of Government. KSG requires me to at least four courses per semester, of which I can cross-register for at most two courses. I can cross-register at all the Harvard schools, plus MIT and the Fletcher School at Tufts.

The KSG courses I am considering this fall are:

  • API-701 Reasoning from History
  • PAL-123 The Politics & Ethics of Statecraft
  • ITF-110 The Political Economy of Trade
  • HUT-264 Housing Policy in the U.S.: Intersection of Public/Private Sectors in Housing Finance
  • PAL-125 Religion and Government: Choices of Morality, Law and Policy

And the non-KSG courses:

  • MIT 14.281 Contract Economics
  • MIT 15.424 Advanced Corporate Finance
  • MIT 14.160 Experimental and Behavioral Economics
  • FAS Economics 2149 Computational Economics
  • HLS 45510-11 Rational Choice

Any comments or pointers to other interesting courses in the Harvard universe?

Hello, World!


More content to follow.

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