Question of the Day: About Sanlu Milk Powder, can 160+ milk farmer be involved?

Chinese police earlier this week arrested 2 suspects, who had produced 2 tons of contaminated liquid milk per day for Sanlu Corp. ever since the beginning of 2008.(河北警方批捕“三鹿毒粉”两名疑犯)

Suppose the total amount of contaminated milk powder involved is 10,386 tons (2176+8210, according to the Hebei government), and 8 kg liquid milk produce 1 kg milk powder, there has to be 83,088 tons of contaminated liquid milk produced for Sanlu Corp. It means, if the 2 suspects produced 480 tons (240 days *2 tons), there has to be 160+ such suspects, and they all passed Sanlu’s “strict examination” for the liquid milk.

How can it happen?

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