He’s not that beastly.
He’s a mongoose with rabies.
And has mosquitoes.

Eyes High

The subway tunnels.
You seldom see the ceiling.

But I know it’s there.

What a Hint

Two men just dropped by.
They left me eighty boxes.
Guess it’s time to move.


A lawn, some sail boats.
Old brick peeks through a dull mist.
A happy train ride.

It’s my party

I seldom regret.
Usually waiting is fine.
Sometimes it is not.

Open face

I went to JCrew.
“I thought you worked here,” they said.
Made that mistake twice.


Be fearful of Lent.
If He hasn’t yet risen,
Aren’t Christians at risk?

Portability and Power

One Laptop per Child?
Get off it, Negroponte.
I love my Acer.

Music Around Us

Carol of the Bells.
Pocahontas. Evita.
What is in common?

Funeral parlor playlist.
Someone thought it decorous.


They could get married.
They are both pretty spiteful.
I think it could work.

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