Writing on the Wall

Diagnostic digest a gel.
Seed cells.
Catch up on emails → call Florist

Yesterday, Tomorrow

Half an hour talking.
“Any questions?” No response.
Silence exhausts me.


I didn’t sleep well.
The rain should have been soothing.
Eyes closed for hours.

Spring Returns

Sitting in Langdell.
Spring outside, summer in here.
I’m melting. Melting.

PCR Woes

It’s called Supermix.
So it’ll probably work.
Look for a weak band.

Developmental Tides

Dance, delicate hairs!
Flow over the embryo.


They came back later.
You missed the scheduled meeting.
Snoozing—not witchcraft.

Going to the Agricultural Fair

Camped on the side lawn.
Bought wooden spoons; no bunny.
Drove home in three hours.

To a Super Model Mother

Mom, I want a cookie.
Mom, why are you standing like that?
Mom, why don’t you blink?

Missed Connections

Missed your text message.
Going to the dining hall.
Had a picnic there.

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