Success common denominators

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1. It is a numbers game Doing a high volume of tasks and constantly improving by iterating is a sure way to getting what you want Getting a job requires many job applications and many interviews Selling involves knocking on … Continued

Loonshots by Safi Bachall Book Summary

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How do unleash creativity in your organization. 1. Separate the phases Separate your artists and soldiers: Create separate groups for inventors and operators: those who may invent the next transistor vs. those who answer the phone; those who design radically … Continued

The war of art

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1. Rule of thumb: Th e more important a call or action is to our s o u l ‘ s evolution, the more Resistance we will feel toward pursuing it.” Self doubt and fear are two indicators that tell … Continued

On accepting what it is

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1. It is what it is “Don’t seek for everything to happen as you wish it would, but rather wish that everything happens as it actually will—then your life will flow well.” —EPICTETUS, ENCHIRIDION, 8 Something happened that we wish … Continued

On minimalism

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1. You don’t need much to survive, just look a few years back “Nothing can satisfy greed, but even a small measure satisfies nature. So it is that the poverty of an exile brings no misfortune, for no place of … Continued

On innovation

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1. Prioritizing what to work on I always start by not only visualizing a pain to solve, but I visualize the outcome if it is solved. And I ask myself: Is this something exciting that I’m willing to go after? … Continued

On decision making

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Judge a book by its cover At first, this can seem like the opposite of everything you’ve been taught. Don’t we cultivate our minds and critical thinking skills precisely so we don’t simply accept things at face value? Yes, most … Continued

Having the right temperament

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Always stay calm There is a maxim that Navy SEALs pass from officer to officer, man to man. In the midst of chaos, even in the fog of war, their battle-tested advice is this: “Calm is contagious.” Especially when that … Continued

Getting what you want

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Follow the process Elite athletes in collegiate and professional sports increasingly follow a philosophy known as “The Process.” It’s a philosophy created by University of Alabama coach Nick Saban, who taught his players to ignore the big picture—important games, winning … Continued