Innovative Tools for Instruction


  • Reference services are transforming from linear to nonlinear
  • Library resources are available 24/7 library, so services should be available at point of need
  • Value in providing continuity of service and in offering a consistent view of resources
  • Libraries should break away from reliance on web home page because users are at Google
  • Should already be at point of service when needed

Customized Library Toolbar

  • Purdue University Management & Economics Library created MyMel Toolbar to serve users
  • SEE
  • Downloadable from library home page
  • Installed on all library workstations
    Can be accessed from wherever
  • Tremendous positive response from users with very little marketing
  • Contains links t resources, tools, relevant RSS feeds:
      • Google search
      • Purdue catalog
      • Metalib
      • SFX e journal finder
      • World Cat
      • Local departments/school
      • Course web sites
      • Dictionary
      • Citation Linker
      • Document Delivery
      • Online writing lab

Screencasting: Creating Online Tutorials in 30 Minutes

  • Online tutorials notoriously time consuming
  • Using screencasting, a tutorial can be created in approximately 30 minutes
  • Screencasting involves capturing screen shots, inserting markers or text, and recording commentary
  • Requires screen capture and voice recording software such as Camtasia (
  • SEE presentation Libcasting: Screencasting and Libraries at
  • ALSO, Beth and Enrique have a great handout with instructions and resources for creating screencasts. We’re happy to share.


Are there other new tools of interest?

Are you currently using Camtasia to create tutorials, and if so, what are its strong points/drawbacks? Have you tried Wink?

Should there be some organized effort to help keep staff up-to-date on new tools and services? To test new products?

How might we measure the effectiveness of new tools on our students? How could results be reported back to the larger HCL instructional community in order to inform further development?

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